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What is an ultrasonic beauty instrument?

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The appearance of the beauty instrument is to better target different skin types and needs to improve the skin. We used to see beauty instrument equipment only in beauty salons. Nowadays, home beauty instruments have entered more and more homes. People can operate these beauty instruments at home, which is very convenient and fast, and it saves a lot of beauty equipment. The cost of the hospital is really exciting. So do you know what is an ultrasonic beauty instrument? How to use ultrasonic beauty instrument correctly?

What is an ultrasonic beauty instrument

Ultrasound refers to a mechanical vibration wave with a frequency of more than 20,000 Hz. The vibration wave has mechanical, thermal, and chemical effects. The ultrasonic beauty instrument uses the characteristics of strong ultrasonic penetration and can penetrate 4-6mm under the skin to perform physical therapy on the human body and face to achieve the purpose of weight loss and body shaping, whitening and improving skin quality.

How to use ultrasonic beauty instrument correctly

1. Clean the facial skin, then steam the noodles with a sprayer for ten minutes;

2. Gently pat all parts of the face with astringent water until it is absorbed, so that the skin can be thoroughly disinfected and optimally protected;

3. Apply the essence evenly on the face, subject to the flexible rotation of the voice head during operation;

4. Press the power switch, select the appropriate mode, and select the appropriate gear;

5. Adjust the appropriate time, generally 15 minutes.

What are the functions of ultrasonic beauty instrument

Mechanical effect: Ultrasound has strong power and high energy, acting on the face can make skin cells vibrate, produce a fine massage effect, change the cell volume, thereby improving local blood and lymph circulation, enhancing cell permeability, and improving The metabolism and regeneration capacity of tissues softens the tissues, stimulates the nervous system and cell functions, and makes the skin shiny and elastic.

Warming effect: through the warming effect of ultrasound, it can increase the temperature of the skin surface, accelerate blood circulation, increase the nutrients of skin cells, reduce nerve excitability, play an analgesic effect, relax spasm muscle fibers, and play a Antispasmodic effect. Ultrasound heat is endogenous heat, 79% to 82% of the heat is carried away by the blood self-acting area, and 18% to 21% is dispersed to adjacent tissues by heat conduction. Therefore, the patient has no obvious heat sensation. Chemical effect: Ultrasound can strengthen the catalytic ability, accelerate the metabolism of skin cells, change the pH value of the tissue to the alkaline direction, and reduce the acidosis and pain associated with skin inflammation. Ultrasound can improve the permeability of cell membranes, depolymerize nutrients and drugs, facilitate the skin to absorb nutrients, facilitate the penetration of drugs into the bacteria, and improve the bactericidal ability.

Precautions for the use of ultrasonic beauty instrument

1. Clean the skin of the physiotherapy site before using the instrument to prevent dirt from entering the skin with ultrasound or preventing the penetration of ultrasound.

2. It is better to use the medium with a certain viscosity, which is conducive to the better integration of ultrasound with the skin, and prevents the gap from causing reflection and unfavorable sound energy absorption.

3. Each physiotherapy session usually lasts 15-20 minutes. Too long or improper use will cause skin overwork and malabsorption. The user can choose the appropriate time according to the size of the physiotherapy site.

4. The warmth degree of the massage head does not represent the output of the ultrasonic power; the liquid or medicine with low concentration should not be directly penetrated, otherwise it will easily cause dry skin.

5. When using the beauty instrument, the massage head should not be close to the eyes, can not pass the eyeball, pregnant women and people with severe heart disease are prohibited.

6. Water, oil and other media must not penetrate into the inside of the instrument, and must not be impacted, beaten or dropped to avoid damage to the instrument.

7. After using the ultrasonic beauty instrument, please clean the massage head in time and disconnect the power supply.