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What are the effects of the eye beauty instrument?

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As the saying goes, "the eyes are the window of the soul." If there are some wrinkles or bags under the eyes around the eyes, it will affect the appearance of a person, especially for women, so it is very important to protect the skin around the eyes to prevent and Reducing skin aging is the most concerned issue of beauty lovers. With the development of science and technology, many beauty devices are now also used. More and more people like to use beauty devices to make their own eye beauty at home. It is not only convenient and quick, but also makes the skin more and more soft and smooth. So what are the effects of the eye beauty instrument? How to use the beauty device correctly? Let's take a look together.

Eye beauty

Eye beauty

What are the effects of the eye beauty instrument?

Eye beauty device can effectively relieve eye fatigue, promote blood circulation in the eye, and has a good therapeutic effect on poor sleep and insomnia, so eye beauty device has many effects. In addition, the eye beauty device can also reduce the eye problems such as dark circles, bags under the eyes, and puffiness.

The eye beauty device can exercise and tighten eye muscles, enhance eye muscle elasticity, smooth the movement of eye lymph, clear the retained water, reduce eye wrinkles, tighten eye bags, relieve eye fatigue, and reduce dark circles light.

How to use the beauty device correctly?

The eye beauty device is generally rechargeable. When using it, turn on the switch first, adjust the eye beauty device to a gear that suits you, usually mid-range, and then put the eye beauty device on the eye skin and let it vibrate by itself. .

1. The use of each eye beauty instrument is different. Generally speaking, the method of operation is to turn on the switch and then massage the eye area.

2. It is recommended that the massage time for one position should not be too long.

3. It is recommended to charge if it cannot be turned on.

When using the eye beauty device, you can slowly move the eye beauty device so that every detail is taken care of. However, the massage time for one position should not be too long. If the massage is too long, the skin will not be able to stand it. In addition to the usual use, you can also use the eye cream or eye essence after using the two skin care products. This can promote the skin's absorption of the skin care products and make the skin care effect better.

What are the eye care methods?

1. Replenish eye water

In addition to drinking enough 8 glasses of water a day, you should also prepare a bottle of eye drops in the office to keep your eyes hydrated at any time.

In the office, on the one hand, if you work for a long time, your eyes will get tired. At this time, drop a little eye drops, close your eyes for a while, and relax, which is good for restoring energy. On the other hand, during work, you may overuse your eyes, or "forget" blinking due to excessive concentration of energy, causing your eyes to change into dry eye syndrome. This is very necessary to replenish tears in the eyes in a timely manner.

Eye beauty

Eye beauty

2. Remove makeup around the eyes

Make-up products are very harmful to the skin around the eyes, so remove makeup with special care and use special eye and lip makeup remover. Especially in the choice of cotton pads, it is especially important to choose a close-fitting cotton pad so that it will not stick the cotton wool on the eyes and eyelashes.

3. Massage the skin around the eyes

Every day when using eye cream, massage the eye area carefully, pat clockwise to let it absorb slowly, and the eye skin becomes firmer. After touching the skin care products, it is best to use the ring finger Gently pat on the eye area, about 100 pats are enough, and now many women choose eye beauty devices for eye care. In the era of universal skin care, they don’t want to make their skin bright and beautiful. ?