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Is there any difference between the beauty device/cleansing device?

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Girls usually use some facial cleansing equipment when washing their faces. Through these facial cleansing equipments, we can better take care of the skin on our faces. Beauty equipment and facial cleansing equipment are commonly used facial cleansing equipment in our lives. Is there any difference between the instrument and the cleansing instrument? I believe that friends who use these instruments often don't know the difference between these instruments, so friends who need to know, just look at our introduction to the knowledge points of beauty instruments and cleansing instruments in this article.

What are the useful beauty instruments?

1. The beauty instrument is a machine that adjusts and improves the body and face according to the physiological functions of the human body. According to its function, it has whitening, skin rejuvenation, freckle removal, wrinkle removal, hair removal, weight loss, etc. According to the name, there is ultrasound introduction , Photon skin rejuvenation, high frequency electrotherapy, RF electric wave peeling, electronic spot removal mole, E-light permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation, Jaffani nutrition import and export, etc.

2. Product function: Mode 1: Heating + ion export mode + Remover (the screen shows orange); Mode 2: Heating + ion introduction mode (the screen shows orange); Mode 3: Vibration + ion import mode (the screen shows blue ); Mode 4: Cooling and beautifying mode (the screen displays blue).

Is there any difference between the beauty device/cleansing device?

Beauty instrument/cleansing instrument

What are some useful facial cleansers?

1. The cleansing instrument is also known as the face washing brush, which mainly uses the principle of ultrasonic waves to vibrate the fine hairs on the face washing brush, so as to achieve an efficient and non-irritating cleansing and massage effect. It can help the facial cleanser to form a high-density uniform foam, thoroughly clean the face, and achieve the effect of beauty and health care.

2. Product function: Mode 1: Low speed 2 vibration, 2400/time one minute mode; Mode 2: Low speed 1 vibration, 3700/time one minute mode; Mode 3: Medium speed vibration, 4800/time one minute mode; Mode 4: High speed 1 vibration, 5600/time one minute mode; Mode 5: High speed 2 vibration, 6700/time one minute mode.

Is there any difference between the beauty device/cleansing device?

Beauty instrument/cleansing instrument

Is the function of the beauty instrument and the cleansing instrument the same? what differences are there?

Different names: The cleansing device is also called the face washing brush. The beauty device refers to a device that uses electronic technology, optics, physics and other methods to give people beauty. The principle is different: the principle of the cleansing device is to vibrate the fine hairs on the brush head of the cleansing device through ultrasonic waves; the beauty device uses the principles of RF wave, EMS wave, red and blue light, etc. Different functions: the cleansing device can quickly achieve the effect of exfoliating and deep cleansing when acting on the human face; the beauty device can deeply stimulate the skin and improve the efficacy of skin care products.

Beauty instrument/cleansing instrument is an instrument that we often use in our lives. In order to better play the role of these instruments, we need to know more about these instruments before buying and using them.