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Beauty Equipments! Just use Animuss!


Animuss is the preferred brand of beauty equipment products!


     Animuss beauty equipment products break the concept of chemical ingredients contained in traditional cosmetics and create a new era in the field of beauty,returning to natural ecology. Animuss integrates electronics, bioengineering technology, and optical technology from a high-tech perspective. , Science, health, beauty and other technologies, especially the use of optical ecological engineering restoration technology, and electronic technology to develop beauty electronic instruments, which endow the product with excellent technical connotation. Animuss brand series of beauty equipment products applies electronic technology to beauty for the first time, conforming to the ecological requirements of the skin. Animuss series of beauty  equipments is a high-tech product integrating ecological beauty, genetic beauty, scientific beauty, skin care, and health care.


    Shenzhen Animuss Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010 and has been committed to the research and development of the most advanced international ecological organic cosmetics. It is a high-tech industrial organization integrating R&D, production, sales, education, and technical services. In 2010, we established long-term cooperative relations and international academic exchanges with many well-known scientific research institutions at home and abroad, such as New York University, UBC University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Fudan University, China Stem Cell Holding Center, China International Anti-aging Association, and developed a series of products. , Provides the most solid technical guarantee for the long-term development of the beauty industry.


The company has always been adhering to the business philosophy of "Quality is the foundation, service is the guarantee, integrity is the foundation, and talent is the core". Guided by market demand and the mission of creating value for customers, the company is committed to developing international authoritative cutting-edge projects and pushing the biotechnology, ecological, healthy and beautiful business to a professional peak. Adhering to nobility, luxury and self-confidence, we are committed to the continuous inheritance and enlightenment of the cause of health and beauty, born in the highest hall of fashion, and standing on the international pinnacle of health and beauty.


     Animuss Technology serves the beauty industry with the tenet of "Honesty, Altruism, and Conscience". Win the market with innovative marketing model, unique profession and top scientific research technology, adhere to "ecological beauty, technological beauty, green beauty, professional beauty, health beauty", and create the main theme of skin care for fashionable women in the 21st century, which will set off the ecological health of the industry Beauty and skin care, have become a new standard in the industry.