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1. How to Protect Leather Bags

Leather bags are luxury items that can be expensive, especially when they are brand

name. Leather bags can be prone to damage due to humidity, water, daily use  or

mold. Keeping the leather supple and strong can make the bag last longer and remain
aesthetically pleasing for longer periods of time. Protecting the bag can take some

preventative action, but the leather will last longer and will continue to look beautiful

for years with proper care.

2 .How to Clean Leather Handbags

You treat yourself to an expensive luxury leather handbag only to later discover that

something has stained its surface.Different types of leather require different cleaning

and maintenance techniques for optimal results, but all retail leather cleaning products

have certain elements in common. Some type of emulsifying solution is used to break

down and dissolve surface dirt and oilbased stains(this includes ink).This  solution

usually contains some type of alcohol as the primary emulsifying agent, although a

chemical name or a trademarked/copyrighted term may be listed instead with the

ingredients. Some type of gently moisturizing or conditioning substance is applied

to replace lost natural oils and to restore suppleness and sheen. In the vast majority

of cases, careful handling and the use of simple household items will clean your

leather handbags just as well.